These are permanent

permanent as despair ...
when teaching, i have a perm, am sad to say, the idea oh please help me!
way of speaking. a few days ago, i suddenly wanted to go to a special permanent. the early morning, after my master erhuamoshui shampoo that had been rising for me, the first barber and start feeling that is in the barber shop. to me, because i have not given any jiuji washing, i have my bad hair too often it is burning me to worry about dyeing my hair is not to start (some say the word, in advance, are satisfied) is better after cleaning, this is like, bad hair, a perm if i fear the future will be cut, just in front of the mirror to start ready to sit, watching the master, i keep my hair: "miss, i beg your pardon, your hair is hot out there!" my heart is broken.
however, i am that day, single minded
by b2rxfwo | 2013-04-30 18:09

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